Hospitalization at home

Hospitalisation at home (HAH) is a form of full-time hospitalization during which care is provided in the person’s home. Santé dar provides this medical and paramedical care at home.

Hospitalization at home (HAH) is now one of the answers to the growing desire of the population to be cared for in its familiar environment when the situation allows it.

Hospitalization at home thus responds to the growing need of patients wishing to be cared for in their familiar environment. They see the possibility of continuing their daily activities, of being accompanied by their loved ones while being able to keep their bearings. HAH also makes it possible to limit travel.

HAH: for whom?

HAH is intended for any patient, regardless of age, who needs to receive care that only a health establishment can provide. The care is usually complex, long term and involves frequent medical or paramedical procedures. The care is provided in the patient’s usual place of residence, which may be the patient’s home, an institution for the elderly, or a social or medico-social institution.

Please contact us for an estimate. This will depend on the patient’s health condition and the nature of the home care.

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